You can find my qualifications below, and you can contact me here. You can also download my resume in various formats, Word Doc, PDF, and Plain text.

Work Experience

Newsbank, Inc.

Front End Developer | Oct. 2014 – Present
Created front end code for use in emails and websites. Produced HTML emails for mailing lists and marketing purposes, sent through email service providers such as IBM Silverpop. Built front end prototypes for use in multivariate tests using tools like Optimizely for projects including redesigning the homepage, and simplifying search results layouts for

New York University

Web Front-end Developer | Feb. 2011 – Apr. 2014 | Contractor | Apr. 2014 - Sept. 2014
Developed front-end code (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and created/followed coding standards across all central NYU related web properties, including Converted provided PSD's to valid HTML/CSS for both websites and for HTML emails. Created and implemented PHP scripts for assorted projects, including processing contact forms to save to a MySQL database and send emails on submission. Implemented interactive designs into landing pages throughout Created documentation for other team members detailing common processes. Assisted in QAing major project releases. Aided back end developers in troubleshooting software bugs, and resolved front end bugs. Initiated the first responsive web project for the central site. Created Wordpress themes for various departments.


Web Production Designer/Software Engineer | Sept. 2003 – Dec. 2009
Edited, created, managed and maintained HTML, PHP, and ASP pages. Responsibilities included editing pages in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio and Zend Studio, creation of graphics in Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady, in accordance with web design standards. Created HTML emails. Technical lead in implementing compliance to ADA Section 508, for users with disabilities. Main point of contact for all front-end design related issues. Assisted in creating and editing XSL templates for implementation of a Content Management System and other projects. Sites involved include:,,,,, and Maintained Drupal applications across multiple sites.


Web/Graphic Design | Dec. 2002 - Present
Executed projects from concept to completion including websites and logo designs. Designed Wordpress and Drupal themes and sites for personal and client based work. Launched personal projects such as an Android app with over 15k downloads within the first 6 months of release in the Google Play store, and an accompanying web version. Created and designed a Twitter search web app using the Twitter API, Javascript, and PHP.

Angelmark Associates, Inc.

Web Designer | Sept. 2001 - Nov. 2002
Designed, built, and maintained websites for clients and inhouse. Responsibilities included layout of design in Photoshop, building the site using HTML, CSS, Photoshop and various other programs, and keeping up to date with any changes wanted by the client. Also assisted in the design and production of magazine ads, newsletters and logo designs using Quark XPress, Photoshop and Illustrator.


New York University – School of Continuing and Professional Studies | 2012, 2013
Continuing education classes focused on design and development, with a view towards design fundamentals and user interface focused development.

Bucks County Community College | 2000-2002, 2005
Studied Graphic Design with an emphasis on Web Design and Development. Completed a certificate Web Design program in courses dealing with HTML, Javascript, DHTML, Photoshop, QuarkXPress and other applications. Additionally, completed a 2 month long intensive course on PHP/MySQL for building dynamic websites, to further advance programming abilities.

Mercer County Community College | 2004
Studied C# and the .NET framework with an aim to enhance programming abilities.

Middle Bucks Area Vocational Technical School | 1996
Completed a 3 year drafting and design program focused on computer aided design.


  • Advanced proficiency in HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3, well versed in all common web development applications and processes.
  • Designed numerous web sites from concept to completion, including all design and programming, both while employed at companies and for freelance work.
  • Assisted in constructing web standards and best practices for large company web sites.
  • Able to work from a variety of verbal and written instructions, drawings, sketches, or formal specifications and requirements documents.
  • Created HTML for email newsletter campaigns.
  • Led training sessions of CSS and best practices with web developers and other technically minded people.
  • Restructured pages using semantic HTML/CSS to boost search engine rankings (SEO)

Technical Experience & Program Knowledge

  • HTML/HTML5 (advanced)
  • CSS/CSS3 (advanced)
  • Photoshop for web (advanced)
  • Notepad++, Sublime Text and other text editors (advanced)
  • Responsive Web Design (intermediate)
  • Javascript (intermediate)
  • jQuery (intermediate)
  • HTML Email development (intermediate)
  • Wordpress (intermediate)
  • PHP (intermediate)
  • Git/Github(intermediate)
  • Adobe Illustrator & Creative Suite (intermediate)
  • Sass (intermediate)
  • Grunt (novice)
  • Angularjs (novice)
  • MySQL (novice)
  • Java/XML for Android Development (novice)
  • Subversion (novice)
  • Flash (novice)